Group Bookings

Are you looking for the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, bond with your team, or learn with your scout troop? Move your body and build strong connections in the Gravity Lab. After the fun, head to our party rooms to top off your event.

Standard Group

$ 26 per Climber
  • Two Hours of Climbing
  • Up to 5 Climbers
  • Up to 3 Chaperones*
  • Rental Harnesses

Standard Party

$ 299 per Group
  • Two Hours of Climbing
  • Up to 12 Climbers
  • Up to 5 Chaperones*
  • Rental Harnesses
  • Party Room
  • Outside Food Allowed

Private Party

$ 449 per Group
  • Two Hours of Climbing
  • Up to 24 Climbers
  • Up to 10 Chaperones*
  • Rental Harnesses
  • Party Room
  • Private Climbing
  • CSI Party Host
  • Outside Food Allowed

*If the climbers in your group are under age 16, you must have one chaperone per five climbers. Chaperones are included in your booking price.

Learn the ropes.

It doesn’t take much to start climbing. Before you arrive, every climber and chaperone must complete our online waiver. Climbers under 18 must have their waivers signed by a legal guardian. Once you arrive, check in at the front desk and get into a harness. A team member will walk you through the ins and outs of the Lab.

Children receive an orientation in the Gravity Lab at Climb So iLL.
Children climb up the walls in the Gravity Lab at Climb So iLL.

Climb the walls.

Your group will have nearly two hours to explore, challenge yourselves, and have a blast. Reach new heights as you navigate through the interactive puzzles on your way to the top. No matter your fitness level, there’s something for everyone in the Gravity Lab.

Party down.

Set the table in our party room, ready for you to enjoy anytime during your session. This customizable space is perfect for holding meetings or celebrating special occasions. Conveniently situated within the Gravity Lab, this private yet open-air room offers a unique atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

A table is set for a birthday party in the Gravity Lab party room at Climb So iLL.

Connect with your team.

Team Building

If you book a Standard or Private Party, yes! These items are not allowed with Standard Group bookings. Decorations may only be displayed in the party room. Avoid taping anything to the walls, glitter, and messy crafts. You may bring a cooler for food and beverages that need to be chilled. We do not have a refrigerator or freezer available. We also do not allow outside alcoholic or THC beverages.

No, you may not bring more climbers or chaperones than is designated for your booking type.

We cannot refund you, but we can move your booking to a later date! If you purchased Single Visit Passes, please call the Welcome Desk at (636) 493-1675. If you booked a Standard or Private Party, please complete the contact form below.

Please complete the contact form below so we can start your booking!

All Standard and Private Parties must be booked a minimum of three weeks in advance so we can ensure you receive adequate accommodations for your reservation.

If the climbers in your group are under 16, one active adult chaperone is required for every five climbers.

No, please arrive at the start of your reserved time slot.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about Gravity Lab? No worries – we’re here to help! Let us know the details, and one of our team members will be in touch with you soon.

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